Day 1 – Singapore bound

It’s official. We’re out of NZ! We left Monday evening after running around trying to sort things out on a mad panic before we left. As we were leaving Wellington was having a cold and rainy night and we were looking forward to better weather.

13 hours and 2 planes later we had arrived in Singapore. It was 5:05am and a quick google informed us that sunrise was at 7:10am. So instead of doing something sensible like find a place to freshen up, we grabbed an uber to Mount Faber to check out Sunrise in Singapore.

Sunrise from Faber Point


Which was pretty cool, mostly 360 degrees views from a jungle clad “look how far we have come” memorial/sculpture Faber Point. Seems like a perfect place to get a moment away from the city as an interesting selection of yoga stretchers, dawn runners and elderly walkers joined us on the top.

Merlion by the Story of Singapore at Faber Point

Mount Faber has Faber point (where we saw sunrise) and Faber Peak. This confused our uber driver Albert when he dropped us off as well as ourselves as we were walking between the two. Faber Peak is the gondola station that links Mount Faber to Sentosa island. Got some great views of the shipping and city waking up.

Singapore waking up

Unfortunately the ticket office for the gondola didn’t open for another hour and trying to connect to the wifi was driving us nuts. We made a call not to head over to Sentosa and instead explore the rest of Singapore.

Our first experience with public transport in Singapore was interesting as we had walked down the Mount (hill?) and went to the first bus stop we could see. After staring at the timetable and realising that we actually had no idea where we were or where we heading to. A friendly local was able to point us to the nearest interchange and a short bus ride later we were at VivoCity.

The interchange was good. Food, aircon, information, wifi that worked… we purchased visitor MTR cards to help with the not getting lost business and proceeded to explore Singapore.

The interesting thing that we found about Singapore for us was that it felt so familiar until it really wasn’t. Taking the MTR to Marina Bay seemed a lot like we were back in Melbourne. Even walking around Gardens in the Bay seemed like a really cool exhibition at the botanical gardens.

The differences hit us when we went to Little India and Orchard Road. We didn’t get to spend as long as we had hoped at either on of them due to needing to catch our flight to Vietnam. We’re hoping to go back when we’re next in Singapore.

Little India was bold, colourful and in your face. We were struck by how the shops used every space possible, shops were often divided by a small path for pedestrians to walk through.

We really didn’t get far at all on Orchard road. We only ventured into Singapura Plaza. Things seemed normal until we looked up and down and saw how massive and complete the mall was (there were floors dedicated to mattresses and musical instruments). Georgia is really looking forward to heading back.

A need to catch our flight to Ho Chi Minh city saw us leave shopping head back to Changi airport. We got our Changi airport transfer vouchers ($40 each!) and then instead of spending it on something interesting we brought lipstick and a travel adaptor. Oh well, we’re in Vietnam now!

Hẹn gặp lại!

Georgia and Joe

Idiots travel tip #1:

Store your pack that you’re using to carry all your stuff. Carrying around a pack and a camera bag will just lead to sore shoulders and grumpy people. Changi airport have a left baggage service for this reason… we found this out after.



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