The trials of finding a venue

We’ve been asked a few times as to why invites have taken so long for us to send out.
The simplest answer to this: we’ve struggled to find the right place without seeing it.

When we first started this over a year ago now, Georgia was in contact with a wedding planning agency. Nice people but the cost were quickly spiralling outside of what we wanted to spend. There was also an issue¬†about animal welfare at the place we were going to have the wedding. For something that we wanted to have memories to last a lifetime, we didn’t want those memories to be of animal curelity.

Unfortunately, by the time we had discovered this (in May) we had already sent out the save the dates. This then led to headaches over the next four (yes 4!!) months as websites were scoured and calculations on what we could afford and what would meet our needs. Georgia could tell you all about what websites charge what at the moment.

After examining spreadsheets and contacting places, we found what could be the most annoying and complicated part of the whole process. Communication. Over the past four months, Georgia has been talking into and Joseph has been hearing about the big black hole that all communication has gone into.

We finally got some headway last month when we managed to have a conversation with Jessica from Bali Bohemia. It’s been bliss compared to our experience to date. While the initial¬†communication was a little rocky after getting through on (Do not get Georgia started on that site – their customer service is a rant all to itself). Things have been going well with regular communication.

So there you have it – the last year of headaches compressed into 300 words. Now onto the next ones!


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